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    Discreet personal protection from stress urinary incontinence.



    Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to investigational use.

  • About Incontinence

    Adult incontinence is the fastest growing segment of the global hygiene market.


    We are seeking investors for an opportunity to bring a new solution directly to consumers, enabling women to manage this problem without surgery and without need to interact with a healthcare provider.

  • About Flourish

    Flourish is a single use, disposable product for the management of stress urinary incontinence -

    urine leakage that occurs with coughing, sneezing, laughing or other physical activity.

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    What can I do with Flourish?


    You can do

    whatever you like!  



    One Flourish user says, "I’m a very active mom, with two very active girls. One of our favorite activities is jumping on the trampoline, but lately I’ve felt like an “old mom” watching from the sidelines, so I wouldn’t pee my pants. Using Flourish let me participate once again with my girls."

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    Another says, "I was squatting in my garden (a dangerous position) and had a sneezing attack sneezing 7 times . . . NO LEAK!! YAY!!"

  • How Flourish Works

    Flourish is inserted and worn like a tampon to prevent leaks and provide confidence

    for women experiencing stress urinary incontinence.


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    Sling-like Support


    Flourish provides a strap-like support under the urethra, like surgical slings, to compensate for weak natural support.


    Flourish does not place bulk in the lower vagina as seen with other products.

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    Single Size


    Flourish arms are spread widely enough to enable them to rest upon the pelvic floor muscles for support in the mid vagina, while being flexible for easy insertion and removal.


    A single size fits all women in whom there is no significant pelvic organ prolapse.

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    Flexible arms


    Independent arms of Flourish flex easily to aid insertion. The product is self-positioning, so users do not have to learn how deep to insert it in the vagina.


    A stable base and secure, reliable positioning allows use of a delicate urethral support. Contractions of pelvic floor muscles that occur with stress events actively lift the device towards the urethra providing additional support.


    How Flourish Works



  • Clinical trial data

    Study Design: Women experiencing stress urinary incontinence used Flourish daily for 30 days (half were postmenopausal). The frequency of incontinence episodes using Flourish was compared to a 7-day baseline period.

    Click here to see summary of results as presented at the 2017 Simon Foundation for Continence Innovating for Continence Conference, #03, Page 7.


    Results were immediate and maintained

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    Women felt in control.

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    (Options were Very Poor, Poor, Moderate, Good, or Very Good.)

    Women were confident.

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    Women were pleased.

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    Flourish allows normal voiding. Post-void bladder residuals were no different with or without Flourish in place.

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